Hey, nice to meet you!

We’re a small crew of three photographers who are passionate about sharing stories.
Prince Edward Island, the location for Lobster Island, holds an important place in our hearts and we are excited to share with you what makes it so magical.

Here’s a little bit more about each of us:





Lauren enjoys blending a variety of mediums to tell a story. This was her first trip with her new son, Max, and she can’t wait for more adventures with him. She is currently teaching photography online over at www.photographyconcentrate.com.








Stephanie is passionate about everything to do with food, from how it’s produced to how it’s prepared. She loves exploring the world, learning about different ingredients and cuisines, and sharing her insights through photos, recipes and writing.

She shares ways to make great food fun and easy on her site www.foodhappy.ca.







Rob is always learning a new skill and dreaming up our next project. He loves being a father, and enjoys traveling and sharing new experiences with his family.

He teaches photography at www.photographyconcentrate.com.