Prince Edward Island

On the east coast of Canada is the small province of Prince Edward Island – a place that is breathtaking in its beauty and disarming in its genuine charm. The locals refer to the Island simply as “Home”, and when you spend any length of time here, you’ll understand why.

Red dirt roads lead you through tunnels of leafy green trees, to the coast, where lighthouses stand on rocky cliffs overlooking the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Folks wave to you as they drive by, even if you’re a stranger to them. Farmers set out food in unattended roadside stands, successfully using the honour system to receive payment for things like fruits, vegetables and honey.

Prince Edward Island holds an important place in our hearts – it’s where our family comes from and, though we were born elsewhere, it has become our second home. We look forward to our trips to the Island with great anticipation, eager to smell the salt air, hunt for shore glass along the beach, and, of course, enjoy that first big meal of lobster.

The Island is famous for these bright red crustaceans. But they are more than just food or a source of income here. When you look closely, you’ll find that the work that goes into catching and preparing lobsters echoes many of the things that make the Island so captivating.