Lobster is an integral part of Island culinary culture. You’ll find it on the menu nearly everywhere you go, from seaside take-out joints to fine dining rooms.  There are even large halls designed exclusively to serve up lobster suppers.

Peek into the kitchens of those who call the Island their home, and you’ll see that lobster is featured there too – in sandwiches, chowders, casseroles, or simply boiled and served with lots of melted butter for dipping.

Many spend the winter looking forward to the start of fishing season so they can have a feed – an all-you-can-eat feast of  freshly caught lobster.

But it’s more than an ingredient here. It is a part of the fabric of Island life.


During the summer, communities on Prince Edward Island use lobsters as the centerpiece for a variety of fundraising efforts. Everyone helps out. Fishers donate and sometimes even cook their catch. Local folks volunteer their time to prepare the dishes, and purchase them too.

It’s a simple meal – a cooked lobster (or two!), an assortment of salads, a biscuit or a bun, and a sweet treat to finish it off. Islanders know how to make this food shine, and each bite is savoured. Ham plates are available for those who aren’t a big fan of lobsters, but when we went to pick our lunches up we saw the numbers – 130 plates of lobster, and 2 of ham.

Lobster is loved here.